Feast of Tabernacles 2018

Voi siete la luce del mondo
(Italian sermon by Carmelo Anastasi)


Il Giudizio di Dio “nell’ultimo giorno”
(Italian sermon by Carmelo Anastasi)


Prepariamoci per il Regno di Dio
(Italian sermon by Angelo Di Vita)


La Festa dei Tabernacoli e i suoi frutti
(Italian sermon by Angelo Di Vita)


Il vestito nuovo
(Italian sermonette by Giovanni Faraone)


La tela bianca
(Italian sermonette by Giovanni Troisi)


La testimonianza dell’Arco di Tito
(Italian sermonette by Marcello Casu)


If you’re hurting you’re in good company
(Sermonette by David Jones)


A more perfect tabernacle
(Sermon by David Palmer)


The animal kingdom in the millennium
(Sermonette by Ronald Bell Sr.)


The Giving of Peace
(Sermon by Frank McCrady)


Why a millennium
(Sermonette by Sixto Yap)


The power of Joy
(Sermon by Lindsay Parker)


As ther water covers the sea
(Sermonette by Fred Attyah)


The Crown
(Sermon by Alex Preston)


A song of liberation
(Sermonette by David Hoover)


New heavens and a new earth
(Sermon by Anty Diemer)