Atonement Day 2020
Jan 2012 16

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You are welcome to celebrate the ATONEMENT DAY at the same site for the Feast of Tabernacles. In that case you may also consider to participate to our “TUSCANY Four-Day Tours” between the end of the Atonement Day and the beginning the Feast of Tabernacles.  This would allow you to either enjoy extended days of warm golden sandy beach or  participate to the Tuscany Four-Day Tours.
The Tuscany Four-Day ours will make you visit historically rich and famous cities such as Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano. These are optional and in addition to the tours that will take place during the low days of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Applications to the Atonement Day in Italy may therefore include participation to the Tuscany Four-Day-Tours, depending on your preference.

Apply Now and Commit Later on.

Do you wish to celebrate the Atonement Day with us at our FOT site? Do you wish to participate to the Tuscany Four-Day Tours? In such case, you are kindly requested to show your interest now, by applying through the “APPLY/Atonement Day” main menu. You may commit later on. If you choose to apply to the Atonement Day in italy, please use a valid alternate email address of yours, that is different from the one you use for the Feast of Tabernacles application. A unique Password for the “Atonement/Tuscany Four-Day Tours” will be emailed to your alternate address, so that you can access to your “Atonement Day” Booking Form.

If you wish to participate to the Atonement Day and/or the additional Tuscany Four-Day Tours you should plan to land at the Roman Leanardo Da Vinci International Airport (FCO). This is especially true if you want us to provide you with transportationt/from the airport before and after the Feast. (Trasnportation to/from the airport is available at any time on any day immediately before and after the holy days. (More details will be emailed to the applicants.)

The month of October at our Italian Feast sites offer a very pleasant autumn.

The little flock of Italian brethren hopes that you can Feast in Italy this year. We are looking very much forward to welcome you and fellowshipping with you in Jesus Christ.

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